Christ Enthroned
Christ Enthroned

We recently celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the landing of mankind on the moon. It certainly brought a renewed interest in the creation and order of the universe. Sophisticated instrumentation is being utilized to fathom the mysteries of “the beginning.” Scientists have been studying the origin of the universe for ages, and theologians have often spoken and written about it.

One of the great hierarchs of the Church in the 4th century, St. Basil the Great, devoted a series of sermons to the theme of Creation. These discourses have come down to us in a book called “Six Days.” He begins the first homily: “It is right that anyone beginning to narrate the formation of the world should begin with the good order of heaven and earth, which was not spontaneous, as some have imagined, but which drew its origin from God.”

“What ear is worthy to hear such a tale? How earnestly the soul should prepare itself to receive such high lessons? How pure it should be from carnal affections, how unclouded by worldly disquietudes, how active and ardent in its researches, how eager to find in its surroundings an idea of God which may be worthy of Him!”

St. Basil ends his sermon on the first day of creation by offering a benediction: “May the Father of the true light, Who has adorned day with celestial light, Who has made the fire to shine which illuminates us during the night, Who reserves for us in the peace of a future age a spiritual and everlasting light, keep you from stumbling, and grant that you may walk honestly as in the day…”

The Orthodox Weekly Bulletin - Cliffwood, NJ

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