St. Sophia and her daughters
St. Sophia and her daughters

With our faith, we must be FULLY dedicated to our Savior. Today we remember a 2nd century Christian family who was put to the test! ST. SOPHIA and her three daughters – Faith, Hope and Love (Charity) – were devoted followers of Jesus Christ. When her husband died, Sophia and her family moved from their small village in the city of Rome, hoping to escape persecution initiated by the Emperor Hadrian. St. Sophia and her young daughters were arrested with many other Christians as they sought to secretly worship the Lord.

This saintly Christian family was placed on trial before a Roman magistrate. The magistrate assured Sophia that they could all go free. All she had to do was deny Christ and promise to raise her children as pagans! What choice would Sophia make? Did she really love the Lord more than her very children? A refusal on her part to accept the conditions set down by the magistrate would assuredly cause the death of them all.

Amazingly, the three children assisted their mother in this moral dilemma, insisting that they would rather join her in death and be reunited in the Kingdom of God than to deny their Christian beliefs! The furious magistrate ordered the girls to be tortured and murdered before the very eyes of their mother, who was finally put to death herself as she prayed over the bodies of her children. Family ties can be strong, and one can only wonder how we would react if we were forced to declare our true loyalties.

The Orthodox Weekly Bulletin - Cliffwood, NJ

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