Hello Holy Cross members. Christ is in our midst!

As required in our parish Constitution and By-laws, this serves as notification that our annual Holy Cross Parish Business Meeting will be held on January 12, 2020 in the fellowship hall after coffee hour. Voting in the business meeting is open to all parish voting members.

Voting membership is defined in our church Constitution, Article III, section A, as:

1. Voting Membership:The voting Membership shall consist of all persons eighteen (18) years of age and over, regardless of sex, who have been baptized and accepted in the membership of the Holy Orthodox Church according to its teachings, who accept, profess, and practice its faith and discipline and who subscribe to the temporal maintenance of this Church, through payment of such dues, pledges, assessments as are prescribed by the Parish Council.

The Constitution outlines the format of the Voting Membership meetings as follows, in Article VII, Section 1, as:

Section 1. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Voting Membership of this Church to be held on the second Sunday of January in the year.

A. The pastor shall be the presiding officer at the Annual Meeting of the Voting Membership of the Church as well as at all special meetings of the Voting Membership. In the event the Pastor chooses not to preside, the Chairperson of the Parish Council shall preside.

B. It shall the be duty of the Secretary of the Parish Council to send out notices of the Annual Meeting by regular mail or email to all Voting Membership of the Church at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting. He/She shall include a copy of the agenda with the notice mailed.

C. The Chairperson of the Parish Council and the Presidents of every legal organization of the Parish shall prepare in writing and present a report of their organization, its finances, its work projects, etc., for the past year. The Treasurer of the Council shall present the Annual Financial Report to the Church and the Voting Membership.

D. The Voting Membership may initiate and enact any legislation, rules, special business, etc., not inconsistent with this Constitution, such as legislation rules, etc., and shall be binding on the Parish Council and all organizations of the Parish.

If you have a question about whether you are a Voting Member of Holy Cross Parish, please discuss this with Fr. Yuri sometime before the annual meeting.

Burt Noyes,

Parish Council Secretary

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