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Saturday 5:00PM- Vespers

Bible Study and Potluck- Following Vespers every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

Sunday 9:00AM- Orthros

Sunday 10:00AM- Divine Liturgy

375 Fleming Ave., Ormond Beach, FL 32174

All services in English


March 20, 10AM: Presanctified Liturgy

March 22, 5PM: Akathist Service of the Theotokos

March 24: Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas

March 25,10AM: Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos

March 29-31: Visit from His Grace Bishop Nicholas

March 31: Sunday of the Holy Cross

April 5, 5PM: Akathist Service of the Theotokos

April 12, 5PM: Akathist Service of the Theotokos

April 28: Great and Holy Pascha

June 12-15: Parish Life Conference

Air Conditioning Update

Download and print 2019 Pledge Form

We have begun our fund drive to upgrade our air conditioning in the Church nave. If you've visited us in the summer you already know that our current system is old and inadequate.

You can donate to this effort using our PayPal account.

Or send a check to:

Holy Cross Orthodox Church

375 Fleming Ave.

Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Specify "air conditioning" in the memo area. Thank you.


Sunday of Orthodoxy
Sunday of Orthodoxy

We do not have icons painted throughout our churches simply to decorate them or to make them colorful and beautiful. We use icons to make our churches meaningful; to make them temples for worship and prayer.

St. Paul speaks of Christ as the “icon” of God. That is, if we want to know what God is like, we look upon Christ to find out. Indeed, it is the Incarnation, the fact that God became man, that Jesus Christ born of the Holy Virgin was at the same time the Eternal God, that lies at the basis of an understanding of the special place iconography has in the Church.

It is impossible to see God or to portray God. But once God, Who is spirit, takes upon Himself human flesh, once God becomes man, once He is born on earth and lives among us, then He may be portrayed. This is what has been done since the early days of Christianity.

Icons, then, belong to the oldest Christian tradition. It is true that in the eighth century a movement against the use of icons gained considerable momentum. But the confrontation resulted in a clear definition of the icon’s role, and in a clear victory for the use of images. “Icons are to be venerated; God alone is to be served in faith.” On this Sunday, we celebrate the triumph of true doctrine over heresy.

The Orthodox Weekly Bulletin - Cliffwood, NJ

Meeting of Voting Members

There will be a special meeting of the Church's voting members March 24 after coffee hour to decide on the disposition of the funds received from the insurance claim and property sale of the parsonage destroyed in last year's fire. Notification emails have been sent to all members and there will be a fact sheet sent Sunday March 17 via email with details for parishioners to consider before the vote on the disposition of these funds.

Ordinations On March 31

On the Feast Day of our parish we will have the ordination of Deacon Yuri Brubach to the Holy Priesthood and Sub-Deacon James Blackstock to the Holy Diaconate. God grant them many years!

Guests of Honor

Last Sunday the Ladies Guild honored these beloved Orthodox women for their many years of work and support of our Holy Cross parish. May God grant them many years! From left to right: Father Michael, Janice Atty, Marge Homa, Jan Ajluni.


Bible Study Discussion Board is now active

The Saturday Bible studies we have after Vespers are now going to have study notes posted on our discussion board and you can participate by registering on the website. Follow the links below to become part of the Bible Study Discussion forum.

Bible Study Discussion Forum Register new user account


Antiochian Women Announce 2019 Project: "Building A New Cathedral"

When Metropolitan JOSEPH told us of his inspiration to build a new and beautiful cathedral on the grounds of the Village, we all immediately understood why this is such a wonderful vision. Not only does the building of a new cathedral give form to Metropolitan PHILIP's metaphor of a beating heart in the center of our Archdiocese, but a new and inspiring cathedral will also satisfy several practical and pressing needs. This vision of Metropolitan JOSEPH is one that I'm sure the Antiochian Women will be eager to help bring into reality.​

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