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February 17: Lenten Triodion begins, Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee

February 23, 5:00PM: Soul Saturday

February 24: Sunday of the Prodigal Son

March 1-31: Antiochian Woman Month

March 3: Meatfare Sunday, The Last Judgement

March 10: Cheesefare Sunday, Forgiveness Sunday

March 11: Great and Holy Lent begins

March 30-31: Visit from His Grace Bishop Nicholas

April 28: Great and Holy Pascha

2018 Christmas Play

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St. Onesimus, Bishop of Ephesus
St. Onesimus, Bishop of Ephesus

On today’s Church Bulletin, we see the image of a man who experienced a tremendous SPIRITUAL and SOCIAL transformation. ONESIMUS was a personal slave of a distinguished citizen of Colossae named Philemon in the days of the early Church. After stealing from his master’s treasury, it is said the Onesimus fled to Rome. It was in this ancient capital of the Empire that his life would be changed forever!

While in Rome, Onesimus first heard about Jesus through the preaching of the Apostle Paul, who was imprisoned there. Soon he was baptized into Christianity and became a companion of the famous “Apostle of the Gentiles.”

Knowing of Onesimus’ background, Paul was faced with a moral dilemma. He himself preached that “…in Christ, there is neither slave nor free man.” (Gal. 3:28) According to Roman law, however, Onesimus still belonged to Philemon! Scriptures tell us that St. Paul sent Onesimus back to Colossae with a special letter to Philemon, which would later become a part of the canonical books of the New Testament. In his Epistle, Paul urged Philemon to receive Onesimus with forgiveness as a brother of the Lord. “Perhaps he departed for a while for this purpose,” Paul writes, “that you might receive Him forever, no longer as a slave but more than a slave – A beloved brother.” Deeply moved by Paul’s words, Philemon gave freedom to his former slave.

According to Church tradition, Onesimus later became Bishop of Ephesus. He suffered martyrdom in Rome, like his mentor St. Paul, in 109 A.D.

The Orthodox Weekly Bulletin - Cliffwood, NJ

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2019 Dinner Dance

The Holy Cross 2019 Dinner dance is February 8, 6-11PM at St. Demetrios Reiverfront Center. Click here for more details.

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The Saturday Bible studies we have after Vespers are now going to have study notes posted on our discussion board and you can participate by registering on the website. Follow the links below to become part of the Bible Study Discussion forum.

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Antiochian Women Announce 2019 Project: "Building A New Cathedral"

When Metropolitan JOSEPH told us of his inspiration to build a new and beautiful cathedral on the grounds of the Village, we all immediately understood why this is such a wonderful vision. Not only does the building of a new cathedral give form to Metropolitan PHILIP's metaphor of a beating heart in the center of our Archdiocese, but a new and inspiring cathedral will also satisfy several practical and pressing needs. This vision of Metropolitan JOSEPH is one that I'm sure the Antiochian Women will be eager to help bring into reality.​

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