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June 23: Sunday of All Saints

June 23: Luncheon celebrating Father Yuri's ordination

June 24-28: Apostles Fast

June 30: Synaxis of the Twelve Holy Apostles

June 30: Parish Council Meeting

November 2: World Fare Food Festival


The fast of the Holy Apostles starts on the second Monday after Pentecost. (This year June 24) The duration of this fast varies, depending on the date of Pascha (Easter). The rule is that the Fast starts on the second Monday after Pentecost and ends on June 29, on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

No better words may express the importance of fasting in our life like the words of St. Abba Isaac the Syrian who says, "... since fasting is a weapon established by God ...the human race knew no victory before fasting, and the devil was never defeated by our nature as it is: but this weapon has indeed deprived the devil of strength from the outset... As soon as the devil sees someone possessed of this weapon (fasting), fear straightway falls on this adversary and tormentor of ours, who remembers and thinks of his defeat by the Saviour in the wilderness; his strength is at once destroyed and the sight of the weapon given us by our Supreme Leader burns him up. A man armed with the weapon of fasting is always afire with zeal. He who remains therein, keeps his mind steadfast and ready to meet and repel all violent passions."


Icon of Holy Pentecost
Icon of Holy Pentecost

The icon for the feast of the PENTECOST has traditional elements that teach the spiritual structure of the Christian Church. Against the background of a temple, the Apostles are depicted in a circular form, giving the impression of unity.

But if the icon is a representation of the Church, then it must have more than Apostles depicted. And this is the case. Among the twelve are a number who were not of the original Twelve. There is St. Paul and the Evangelists Luke and Mark (who hold Gospels). The Apostles bear scrolls, for they are essentially teachers of Good News.

The Acts, describing the historic Descent of the Spirit, speaks of the multitude present on that occasion. Ancient icons did, in fact, depict multitudes in the lower central position of the icon. This has been replaced by the strange symbolic figure of a king. The man is in a dark place, for the world before Christ was lacking faith; he is depicted aged, for the sin of Adam has aged him; the crown signifies sin, which ruled the world; the cloth he holds, with the twelve scrolls, signifies the Twelve Apostles who brought light to the world through their proclamation of the news of Jesus Christ.

Because Pentecost was the baptism of the Church by fire, we see rays of fire descending upon the gathered group. And so we have finally, the fulfillment of the revelation of the Holy Trinity; the Father as Creator, the Son as Savior, and now the Holy Spirit, come as Comforter and Sanctifier of the Church.

The Orthodox Weekly Bulletin - Cliffwood, NJ

  Memory Eternal!


Our brother Hank Brown went to his repose with the Lord April 29 a little after 9:00 PM. May Almighty God grant him rest where the light of His countenance shines upon him and may his memory be eternal!

The Brown family also would like to remind the parish that if anyone would like to make a donation to the Community Hospice in memory of our brother Hank Brown, they can send the donation to: The Bailey Family Center/Community Hospice, 200 Health Park Blvd. St. Augustine, FL 32217.

  SOYO Teen Cyber Retreat


April 13 was the first annual SOYO Teen Cyber Retreat for our Diocese. Teens and Tweens from all over the southeast U.S. participated in live streamed video lectures and some fun activities at the Church. It was a good building experience for the youth and the diocese as we look to grow the Church in future years.


  Bible Study Discussion Board is now active

The Saturday Bible studies we have after Vespers are now going to have study notes posted on our discussion board and you can participate by registering on the website. Follow the links below to become part of the Bible Study Discussion forum.

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  Antiochian Women Announce 2019 Project: "Building A New Cathedral"

When Metropolitan JOSEPH told us of his inspiration to build a new and beautiful cathedral on the grounds of the Village, we all immediately understood why this is such a wonderful vision. Not only does the building of a new cathedral give form to Metropolitan PHILIP's metaphor of a beating heart in the center of our Archdiocese, but a new and inspiring cathedral will also satisfy several practical and pressing needs. This vision of Metropolitan JOSEPH is one that I'm sure the Antiochian Women will be eager to help bring into reality.​

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