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February 23, 5:00PM: Soul Saturday

March 1-31: Antiochian Woman Month

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March 30-31: Visit from His Grace Bishop Nicholas

April 28: Great and Holy Pascha

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The Priest-Martyr Blaise

Priest Martyr Blaise
Priest Martyr Blaise

Much of what we know about many of the saints of the early Church has been handed down to us in the form of oral tradition. Because little, if anything, was set down in writing concerning their spiritual accomplishments, it is not surprising that many legends and folklore developed through the ages concerning certain saints.

Such is the case with Priest-Martyr Blaise. Early Christian writers hardly make mention of him. Still, he remains a popular saint due to some fascinating stories that have somehow been connected with his life.

We do know that Blaise was the Bishop of Sebaste in Armenia in the 4th century. When the persecution of Christians became great in his city, Blaise fled to the protection of a cave in the nearby mountains. Tradition tells us that Blaise was actually a physician prior to becoming a hierarch of the Church. It is said that wild beasts would come to his cave to be treated for their various wounds and injuries. Blaise’s love for animals, however, led to his ultimate martyrdom. Agricolaus, the Roman governor of the region, had sent his hunters into the hills to find game for him. It was then that they discovered the hiding place of the saintly bishop and brought him back to Sebaste, where he was tortured and imprisoned. Another legend has it that on the way back to Sebaste, Blaise helped a young boy who had a bone stuck in his throat. Because of this, he is looked upon by the Western Church as the “Patron Saint of sore throats.” After enduring terrible beatings, Blaise was put to death by beheading in 316 A.D.

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2019 Dinner Dance

The Holy Cross 2019 Dinner dance is February 8, 6-11PM at St. Demetrios Reiverfront Center. Click here for more details.

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The Saturday Bible studies we have after Vespers are now going to have study notes posted on our discussion board and you can participate by registering on the website. Follow the links below to become part of the Bible Study Discussion forum.

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Antiochian Women Announce 2019 Project: "Building A New Cathedral"

When Metropolitan JOSEPH told us of his inspiration to build a new and beautiful cathedral on the grounds of the Village, we all immediately understood why this is such a wonderful vision. Not only does the building of a new cathedral give form to Metropolitan PHILIP's metaphor of a beating heart in the center of our Archdiocese, but a new and inspiring cathedral will also satisfy several practical and pressing needs. This vision of Metropolitan JOSEPH is one that I'm sure the Antiochian Women will be eager to help bring into reality.​

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